VM Provide the best solution to build a video site.

1. Create Site Easily

Sign In

You can use Facebook, Twitter, or Google account to sign in.

System Settings

Under System section of admin panel, you can define site name & logo, bind your own site domain, set SEO TKD and Ads networks.

2. Video management

Video Category

You can add hierarchy category up to 3 levels and edit them.

Video Info Retrieval

When you add video, VM will retrieve video info such as actors & cover from Internet.

Video Upload

To upload a video, three ways are supported: from my device, via URL, or via Dropbox.

3. Personalization

Appearance Personalization

In Appearance section of admin panel, you can switch between 10 themes and 2 layout templates, and set up the navbar of site.

Design Mode

Under design mode, you can add /edit / hide modules as you like in a convenience way.